At its very core, the fundamentals of Robotics looks a lot like discussing the philosophy of life and understanding how we work in terms of mathematical equations.

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I'm Shyam Sundar, currently a Software Engineer with the Nanoprobing division of Thermo Fisher Scientific in Richardson, Texas. Here is what I do for a living: Imagine a silicon-based IC chip with billions of transistors. Now, there are some transistors on this chip that are defective. Each transistor is about 1/10000th the diameter of a human hair. How on the earth does one figure out what transistors are defective and why? The first step in solving this problem is to first see those transistors. The second step would be to land nano-sized tungsten probes on the suspected defective transistor pads so that we could measure its electrical characteristics. So what exactly do I do? Well, in short, I write application software and the vision algorithms to make this possible. In addition, I probably have my fingerprints on every Nanoprober system that goes out of production - partly because I oversee all software aspects of customer systems, and partly because I don't have a habit of wiping the keyboard with rubbing alcohol after I am done :) 


Prior to this, I was an Electrical Controls and Software Engineer at at Qualitek-VIB, the US division of the VIB Systems Group headquartered in Germany. My work centers on developing, testing and deploying Allen-Bradley PLC code for automating the production of corrugated sheets. Another important aspect of my work is in developing plant process monitoring and reporting software and the languages/tools/libraries I primarily use towards this include ASPX/VB.Net, jQuery, Javascript and Java. 

        I graduated with a Masters Degree majoring in Electrical Engineering (Focus: Intelligent Systems) and a minor in Computer Science from Clemson University. My research interests include Robotics, Automation, Control and Electronics. My graduate thesis work was on object recognition and robotic disassembly with Dr. Richard Groff as my advisor. I received my B. Tech Degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from the National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli (NITT), with Dr. S. Raghavan as my advisor and senior project guide.

        If you happen to be a technophile, you'll probably like atleast some of my projects (Some of which have already been posted in this site; continue to watch out for more!). So go ahead and check them out and feel free to mail me if you do have any questions regarding them at a.n.shyamsundar@gmail.com.

        My hobbies include math, circuit design, software programming and break-dancing (You need look no further for a die-hard Michael Jackson fan). And I play chess, badminton, volleyball and occasionally swim. More recently, I've been smitten with prime numbers and their properties - do check out the projects page for more information. 

                    And, yeah, thanks again for visiting my website and I hope to see you again!








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